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Last updated on 2000 June 29 by M.J. Montes.

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¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to the home page of Marcos J. Montes. You can find some of my scientific papers, as well as an Ecclesiastical Calendar I made.

My Scientific Papers

A Compendium of Supernovae pages on the WWW (frequently updated)

A Chart of Supernova Taxonomy

An Ecclesiastical Calendar I wrote to calculate the date of Easter and other Christian celebrations (frequently updated)

An American Secular Holidays Calendar (frequently updated)

How to reach me...

Email is best: (remove the 'no.spam.')

By telephone: If you really need to talk by phone, I'm in the DC metro area. Email me with your phone number, and we can then get in touch by phone.
Last updated 2000 June 29.
Marcos J. Montes